Sewing Products in Columbia, Missouri


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Fabulous Fabric

Create the quilt of your dreams with stunning quilting fabric from Appletree Quilting Center. Our professional staff will help you find the exact product you need.


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Sewing Machines

Enjoy your hobby in the most fulfilling way possible with sewing machine sales from our company. We have the perfect machine for any project.


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Classes & Instruction

Master the craft of quilting with sewing classes from the experienced staff at our store. Providing instruction year-round, you will learn to create a jaw-dropping masterpiece.

Contact us in Columbia, Missouri, for more information about our sewing products.

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About Us

Come to Appletree Quilting Center in Columbia, Missouri, for quality sewing products and instruction. Our locally-owned quilt store offers the widest selection of the latest quilting fabrics, supplies, books, patterns, and notions in the Mid-Missouri area. In business since 1985, we always provide extensive service and support for our clients to keep them coming back.

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